Do your handbells have broken springs? Are the clappers loose and flopping, or are they too tight? Do your bells sound “tinny” or are they “buzzing”?

I offer complete handbell repair of Malmark, Schulmerich, and Whitechapel Handbells. I have trained with Whitechapel technicians in London.

Note #1: Cracked Castings cannot be repaired.  The bell must be shipped back to the 
foundry for recasting.

Note #2: Certain repairs on Schulmerich Handbells, if done by anyone other  than the foundry may void the lifetime warranty.  I will be glad to consult  regarding this.

Call or e-mail me for pricing and consultation.

Below are the websites for the leading handbell foundries for your reference:

Malmark Bellcraftsmen

Schulmerich Bells

Whitechapel Bell Foundry

All three foundries cast high quality handbells. They all have different sounds and feels. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. I will be glad to consult on this. (No charge for e-mail or telephone consultation.)

Completely Refurbished 3 Octive of Whitechapel Handbells

This 3 Octave set of Whitechapel handbells was completely refurbished: new handles, caps, and handle stiffeners. Clappers were completely rebuilt.