Unless you’re buying a piano from a reputable dealer, I strongly recommend you consult a qualified piano technician whenever you purchase a piano.

I offer telephone support/consultation at no change.  This can include the age of the piano (if you know the make and serial number), and a sight unseen opinion of possible value.

I will do an onsite evaluation for a reasonable fee.  Onsite, I check that the tuning pins are tight (i.e. that the piano is reasonably tunable), examine the bridges and soundboard for obvious cracks, check the overall condition of the action felt and leather, and evaluate the condition of the hammers.  I will also evaluate the current regulation or lack thereof.   Based on this I can make a reasonable recommendation.  Contact me for more information.

(Note: While all of the above can instill a reasonable level of confidence in the purchase of a used piano; there can always be problems that are not immediately apparent.  This evaluation is not a guarantee or warranty.)

Below are the websites of some leading piano companies.  This is not an endorsement of any particular brand; and there are other very fine brands.  I offer these simply as a starting point in your piano shopping.

Steinway & Sons Piano

Yahama Piano

Kawai Piano