Does the Relative Humidity of your piano’s environment swing with the changes of seasons? In Northeast Ohio, the Summer humidity is frequently near 70% and the Winter humidity is below 10%. These changes drastically effect the pitch of the instrument as well as the stability of action parts; and they can significantly shorten the life of the instrument.

Piano Life Saver by Dampp Chaser will stabilize your piano’s humidity keeping it in better condition and extending its life. I am a Certified Piano Life Saver installer, having been trained and tested by Dampp Chaser. Contact me to discuss whether a Piano Life Saver system would be appropriate for your piano. (There is no cost for consultation.)

(Also, if you are wondering how the humidity varies near your piano, I now stock Max/Min Hygrometers for sale. Hygrometer Cost: $15.00 plus tax.)

Piano Lifesaver System in a Vertical Piano